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Hudsons of London

Claude Hudson, the founder of Hudsons of London, tells us how he found a gap in the men’s luxury accessories market.

URBNHERD: The online burger company

James Dempsey, shares how lockdown prompted him to start Urbnherd, an online burger business
Local stories


The founders share how lockdown prompted them to start a company                  ...
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Business Support for Creatives in challenging times By Nicole Horgan (Creative United)

Creativity, problem solving and resilience underpin the creative sector, but even these traits have been put to the test in...
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Brexit: I sell to the EU – how do I keep exporting? by Rebecca Burn-Callander

The UK has struck a free-trade agreement with the EU, which allows most businesses to continue selling goods to customers...
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Is now a good time to start a business?

Emma Jones, Founder of Enterprise Nation shares some tips on starting a business