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Wild Fawna

Fleur Netley, founder of Wild Fawna, talks to Wandsworth Enterprise hub about setting up a business during the pandemic, the benefits of The Prince’s Trust and the need for sustainability in the events industry.
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Better Nature

Elin Roberts, co-founder of Better Nature, tell Wandsworth Enterprise Hub about how they found a gap in the sustainable plant-based food market.
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Bring Your Own

Tanya de Afonseca, founder of Bring Your Own (BYO), tells us about their zero waste food shop.
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Hudsons of London

Claude Hudson, the founder of Hudsons of London, tells us how he found a gap in the men’s luxury accessories market.
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Eclectic Gift

Local librarian, Nichola McGuire, tells us how her children and a lack of diversity inspired her to start her business
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Homework Workspace

Husband and wife duo Claire and Sam Tucker, are co-founders of HomeWork Workspace , which opened in Putney in 2019.
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London Wine Tasting

Balham resident Lisa Grannell, founder of the London Wine Tasting, shares how a love of wine prompted her to leave...

URBNHERD: The online burger company

James Dempsey, shares how lockdown prompted him to start Urbnherd, an online burger business
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The founders share how lockdown prompted them to start a company                  ...
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Macro Food

Kirsty-Lee Griffiths Founder, Macro Food shares how rugby and being fussy eater, inspired her to start a business