by Stacey McIntosh, Editor-in-chief of Sage Advice UK


1. Turn your idea into a reality.

Have the self-belief to turn your idea or side hustle into a real-life business. Get your Marie Kondo on and believe that if your idea sparks joy in you, it will in others, too. Time to get into the real world, with real steps.

  1. Get to know your numbers.

Not a maths ace or a finance expert? But your entrepreneurial spirit will welcome any chance to learn, right? So, now’s the time to embrace with passion the vital figures you’ll need to make your plans appealing and a success. You can do it.

  1. Make money for your business.

Honestly, you want to get paid and efficient invoicing is uber important for healthy cash flow. All that passion, sweat and tears you’ve invested can’t go without getting paid on time – get the accounting software you need from the get-go.

  1.     Stay on top of taxes.

Tax fear is curable, we promise. The type of business taxes you will need to pay, and when, depends on the structure of your business. You’re obliged to understand your tax obligations, but a great accountant can help with all things tax – no need to worry.

  1.     Boss it! (Basically, succeed). 

You’re in the zone, actualised, living it. It’s not easy but nothing worthwhile ever was. You’re in control of your business plan, your finances and your tax. Be proud! Take these steps with Sage’s interactive guide to starting a business and find the resources you need to get started.


Are you ready to turn your business idea into a reality?  Need help in doing so?  Wandsworth Council is running a free start-up programme, read more here.