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We’re entering potentially the biggest recession of our lifetimes. Surely, unless you’re selling loo roll or running Zoom, this is a terrible time to be building a startup?

For some businesses it’s really hard, but for others there are ways to pivot your product or service or engage your customers in different ways. It’s also a really good time to test new ideas quickly and cheaply.

Ben Keene, Co-founder of Rebel Book Club & Virgin StartUp Speaker, looks at examples of how other startups are adapting and how you can re-imagine you startup. He’ll be answering questions about your businesses and what you can do right now to survive or thrive.

Running order of webinar:
  • 40 minute live presentation with slides
  • 35 minutes for live Q&A with Ben Keene, Co-founder of Rebel Book Club.

This webinar is part of Virgin StartUp’s Lockdown Series, which they are offering out to the wider startup community for FREE.

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