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Learn practical strategies and discuss the skills to nurture for long-term business success – gain guidance and directly address the unique challenges of those new to self-employment.

By the end of the session, you’ll:

  • Understand Your Business Better: Gain insights into the self-employed journey, understanding the initial challenges and recognising your roadblocks and strengths.
  • Clarify Areas For Growth: Identify the key areas that you need to focus on developing in yourself and your business, with a clear understanding of how you’re going do to so.
  • Formulate a Plan of Action: Receive practical guidance on the initial steps needed to address your challenges that will help set the foundation for your journey toward success.
  • Feel More Confident: Leave the session with a sense of reassurance that what you’re experiencing is normal, and confidence, armed with the knowledge and tools to navigate the early stages of your freelancing career.

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