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This free online session is designed to give attendees the strategies, tools and skills they need to succeed in business and personal negotiations.

In this online workshop with Alison Branagan, we’ll explore the subject of negotiation in relation to gaining a better deal.

The object being to gain more time, resources, or money in regard to licensing images or artwork, discussing contracts, commissions, or sales with clients. We will explore key negotiation principles and tactics, as well as important matters such as risk, power, and goodwill. This seven-step theory can be applied to a broad range of business sectors.

In this session you will:

  • Key customer engagement strategies
  • Tips to improve your store layout
  • How to overcome barriers
  • Tips to increase customer spending

Alison Branagan is an author, lecturer, and business consultant. she is also an associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins.

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