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The working population in Britain spends about a third of their life at work. Businesses and organisations can directly influence their employees’ health and many employers are beginning to see the benefits of promoting wellbeing initiatives.

This interactive online workshop will raise awareness around why wellbeing has a commercial advantage to both businesses and communities. When people thrive – communities thrive.

This is the first in a series of interactive workshops hosted by the Public Health Team at Wandsworth Council and delivered by Let’s Improve Workplace Wellbeing (LIWW) – a non-profit Community Interest Company whose aim is to support workplace wellbeing.

Attending the session will give you:

  • The skills and confidence to define what wellbeing means to your business.
  • The awareness of why wellbeing makes commercial sense.
  • Awareness of support and resources available to you.
  • Actionable next steps for your organisation to take on your journey to being a healthy workplace.
  • A safe space to connect with other Wandsworth based employers on workplace wellbeing.

This session is aimed for all sectors and sizes of businesses and organisations, wherever you are on your journey of workplace wellbeing.

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This event is an online event via Microsoft Teams. Auto-generated captions will be available. The Public Health team are committed to making this a welcoming and accessible experience. If you need any accommodations or have any accessibility requirements to join and participate, please get in touch at publichealth@wandsworth.gov.uk.