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More and more people are becoming freelance or self-employed, with plenty of benefits and reasons to why it seems so tempting… however, there are challenges too.

Coronavirus and remote working have led us to think more about work in a different way including how it impacts our mental health. In this event, explore some of the ways we can know ourselves and working styles better to manage the stress, uncertainty and isolation that can come with being freelance.

  • The joys of being freelance
  • Self-care for freelancers
  • Spotting signs & issues
  • Self-awareness & personality types
  • Q&A

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About the instructor

Pip Richardson is the founder of The Circle Line and a Certified Psychotherapist in training, working to help people and progressive businesses thrive through psychology.

After a decade in law and business strategy, then a decade in marketing, Pip founded online platform The Circle Line to make self-development the norm, helping us all reach our full potential.