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Enterprise Nation is hosting daily Lunch and Learn webinars to give you a boost, offer some advice, and become part of your daily business schedule. Enterprise Nation team members are interviewing guests from the worlds of enterprise and policy, and you can get your questions answered by the experts.

Wednesday 14 April: How to think like a challenger brand

As many of us now know, challenger brands and start-ups are a force to be reckoned with in an age where community reigns supreme and customers value brands that go against the status quo.

Challengers may be small, but they’re mighty. Successful ones can actually transform entire industries. This webinar will dissect what makes a challenger brand and how to adopt challenger thinking into your branding and campaigns.

Kelly Mackenzie is the founder of White Bear where she helps businesses create beautiful branding with attitude and effective results.

Please send any questions you’d like Kelly to answer during the webinar to events@enterprisenation.com.

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