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Are you on mute? Whether we like it or not, the pandemic era has meant we’ve all had to learn to love video-conferencing. And yet so many of us are struggling with these new technologies, finding them frustrating and exhausting. Do you want learn how to manage your online presence – be it on Zoom, Teams or Google Hangout?

No matter the name of the platform, mastering your presence on screen is a challenge. So what does it mean to “Own the Zoom”? How can you make sure that virtually, you’re coming across how you want to? How can you come across brilliantly, connect with both colleagues and strangers and generally show up with confidence and authenticity? In this interactive session, Viv Groskop will share top tips such as; how can you speak up and prevent yourself from being interrupted; how can you make sure others are being heard and how can you avoid screen fatigue.

Guest speaker: Viv Groskop, Comedian, author and radio and TV presenter.

Viv Groskop, is the host of the chart-topping ‘How to Own the Room‘ podcast, featuring women such as: Hilary Clinton, Margaret Atwood and Meera Syal.


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