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Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce in association with The HR Dept presents: “How To Get Redundancies Right”

Has the Coronavirus pandemic left you preparing to restructure your business?  Will you potentially have to make redundancies?  Do you know what the financial and reputational risks are for getting the redundancy process wrong?

Reducing staff is usually the first costs that are cut. But where do you start? What are your legal obligations? Redundancy can be a minefield and getting the process wrong can carry a high price because of the legal, financial and reputational damage a badly done redundancy dismissal creates.

This webinar will:

  • Cover the legal requirements for conducting an individual redundancy consultation process and dismissing staff by reason of redundancy
  • Provide a practical structure that business owners and managers can follow to commence a redundancy consultation process
  • Explore the alternative options that business owners and managers must consider before they make staff redundant
  • Consider how to make redundancy an experience that hopefully leaves staff feeling positive and involved in the outcome

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About the speaker

David Hudson is Director and Owner of The HR Dept which supports local businesses in Wandsworth.  He has extensive experience of providing HR support across a range of sectors and in all areas of HR, from recruiting staff to make redundancies and everything in between.  In this interactive workshop, David will provide practical guidance based on his knowledge of employment law combined with his and his clients’ experiences in this area.