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Challenging does not really cover it… In the last few years, the hospitality industry has had to react, change plans and change their business model more than most.

From talking to lots of owners of cafés, street food businesses, pubs with food, restaurants, and coffee shops we hear that they have been adapting and changing so much that they are not sure of some of their foundations anymore.

Get together with others in hospitality in a free live, online session (so we don’t keep you from being in your business a minute longer than we can avoid) to join a discussion and ask your questions of our panel of industry experts who have been working with hospitality businesses before and during the Pandemic and can share their tried and tested ways to get your business back into strong, healthy growth.

Here’s a flavour of what you can expect to get in our super strength session:

  • Taking control of costs – labour, ingredients and utilities are all going up what can you do to take control and keep yourself on track for your goals?
  • Keeping an eye on your margins – what are your margins on your menu and how does that balance out across the week? Have you checked them since VAT went back on? Where can you boost them and what could help you get better margins?
  • Controlling and reducing wastage – how can you be more sustainable without taking a hit elsewhere?
  • Finding and retaining staff – how can you attract, motivate and reward people without getting into a race for who pays most?

Our industry experts are:

Jane Milton, industry connector who works with food manufacturing and hospitality businesses on their strategy and helps them establish strong connections with the cream of the suppliers, customers, and service providers.

Troy Johnson, who with his brother Jarrell started selling their Caribbean food from their garden in Tooting 5 years ago. It grew and today they have a concession in Selfridges, they operate on multiple delivery platforms, serving over 3,000 meals a month, and have an online store to sell their meal kits and homemade sauces nationwide. This year he was named on Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 list of people to watch.

Deborah O’Neill, an accountant with over 25 years expertise in large corporations and in SME businesses too. Deborah has a number of hospitality businesses work with her and can make sure your numbers stack up as VAT for restaurants returned to 20% and labour, food and energy costs all rose for everyone. She will show you how to check your margins.

Andy Hardy’s successful career in hospitality saw him control projects in America, at the Ryder Cup, London 2012 and head up the Sports Division of Compass Group. Now he advises bespoke chef owned groups of restaurants and shares his tips on size of menu, looking at your trading hours, controlling and reducing wastage.

Catherine Parker is a Director of Red Wigwam, who are changing the flexible working model in the UK for the better, for workers and employers. Her team believes when you think differently, you work differently and live differently. They offer a scalable, temporary workforce that works in real-time to provide businesses with additional staff where and when they need it. Hospitality Is a sector they work in, and they share their tips on attracting and retaining staff, so you can apply it in your business.

We know that our discussions and your shared experiences can reinvigorate your businesses and help you be more profitable and have a motivated team.

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