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Discover the social media networks which are surging as a result of COVID-19.

Why join this webinar?

Is your business looking to better utilise social media? With many small businesses having to adapt their marketing strategy to coincide with market shifts and coronavirus (COVID-19) sensitivities, social media is becoming more crucial than ever before.

This interactive webinar is designed to help SMEs navigate this new landscape.

During this webinar, London Growth Hub brings you guidance on creating online content, communicating and engaging with your target audience.  Get insight from an industry expert and learn how to utilise social media channels to remain visible, stay connected and help generate potential future business opportunities.

What will you learn?

  • Understand trends and shifts happening in social media
  • Discover tech, tactics and tools to help reach your target audience
  • Find cost-effective social media tools to engage with new and existing consumers
  • Hear about the key focus areas when creating a social media plan
  • Get advice and guidance to help create engaging & relevant content
  • Learn how to analyse your social media activity to help plan your strategy

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