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In this practical and timely two-hour online workshop Patricia Van de Aker, founder of the Design Trust, will share her top tip to make your website and creative products better; learn how to: drive more & better traffic with beautiful & timely email marketing and social media; and use events to get more online sales!

This is an action-orientated workshop: you will create your own mini-action plan and a content marketing calendar for this autumn. Patricia will share loads of creative examples, and suggestions for subject lines and topics too.


This online session is perfectly timed for you to get more online sales, orders & commissions this autumn! This online session is especially aimed at creative businesses (incl. artists, craftspeople, jewellers, fashion accessories, print makers, Etsy sellers, homeware designers) at any stage in their business, but would also be very suitable for business working in lifestyle, beauty, food etc.


Patricia van den Akker is an award-winning creative business adviser, trainer and coach, who has worked with 1,000s of creative professionals in the last 25 years. She is also the Director of The Design Trust, the online business school for designers, makers &other creative professionals. Patricia is known for her practical but thought-provoking approach to creative business development, and she will get you into action with a strong focus on doing during the workshop and afterwards.

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