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This weekly panel discussion from Capital Enterprise‘s Startup Resilience Programme updates early stage founders – and anyone else – on the latest Coronavirus related events that have impacted the UK startup ecosystem. It brings together sector experts, founders, VCs, accelerator partners… those with their fingers on the buzzer! Those who can provide some clarity, insight and interesting perspectives on these strange and challenging times.

This week John Spindler, CEO of Capital Enterprise, is joined by Ian Hathaway, author of ‘The Startup Community Way’ and lead on product development at Techstars, and Riam Kanso, the founder and CEO of Conception X.

They’ll be discussing their thoughts on what might be some of the longer term effects of the crisis – good and bad – and how we can work from now towards shaping that.

Starting with a discussion moderated by Julia Rabin from Diversity VC, the latter half of the event will be your chance to ask questions to the panel of experts.

Please note you will be sent a Zoom link to join the webinar after registering.

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