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Delivered by The British Library Business & IP Centre in partnership with The Funding Game as part of the Reset. Restart series, this free webinar will teach you how to fundraise in order to invest in new processes, people or equipment that will help your business thrive.

Presented by Paul Grant, founder of The Funding Game, this session will cover:

  • Agile funding and how it can apply to your own business
  • How to tap into resources and connections to generate more cash flow
  • 10 ways to raise £20k for your business
  • What soft debt funding is and the opportunities available to you
  • How to generate sales and traction with little cash
  • How to avoid six surprises that derail even the most promising business.

Attendees will be given a free practical worksheet to use immediately after the event. The tool will include 10 action steps that will guide you in securing the capital that is right for you – in the shortest time possible.

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