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Day 1

Delivered by the Reference Team at the British Library.

Intellectual property and its protection is vital for anyone with a business idea. This all-day workshop will help you understand the multiple areas of intellectual property and their relevance to your business, as well as provide you with practical tips on how to utilise the BIPC’s resources to protect, research and develop your business idea. By the end of the session you will understand and identify the importance of intellectual property in your own business and know the next steps to protect it.

‘Business Research and Information’ (AM) will cover: 

  • The fundamentals of using the BIPC’s and your library’s resources to develop a strategic roadmap for your business
  • Introduction to databasesindustry guides, external resources list, internet and library resources
  • Value Proposition: trend, values, sustainability, wider issues
  • Customer Segmentation: market research and customer discovery and understanding
  • Partnership: company data and competitors
  • Key Resources: research my IP and funding streams
  • Help you make informed business decisions, plan and offer value to your customer

‘How to Protect my Business Idea’ (PM) will cover:

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Day 2

Delivered by Hustle+Heels, a business community and consultancy that comprises over 20,000 start-ups and business owners across London.Learn how to set up your business and avoid common start-up pitfalls in this interactive and practical all-day workshop. The topics discussed will include marketing, sales and finance, providing you with a start-up survival kit. By the end of the session, you will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to complete a one-page business plan.The workshop will cover:

  • How to register a business
  • The basics of financing a start-up and understanding cash flow
  • Legal and tax obligations
  • Work Life Balance
  • How to test if your business idea is viable
  • Knowing your customer and your competitors
  • Legal structures and how to choose one
  • Financing and revenue models
  • Policies and procedures
  • Compliance obligations
  • Legal and tax obligations
  • Business licenses, permits and insurance

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