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Meet the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST), a charity which supports excellence in British craftsmanship by funding the training and education of talented and aspiring makers, sustaining vital skills in traditional and contemporary crafts and supporting Britain’s cultural heritage.


QEST CEO Debbie Pocock will lead this session focusing on their scholarship funding, and will be joined by QEST Scholars talking about their own experiences of applying to QEST. The session will conclude with an audience Q&A.


QEST awards scholarships of up to £18,000 to individuals to support craft training, including college courses, vocational training, a series of short courses or one-to-one training with a master craftsperson. Experienced makers from all backgrounds who are looking to further their craft career through training, are over 18, are resident in the UK and intend to practise in the UK after their training, may be eligible to apply.

By attending this session, you’ll gain a stronger understanding of what QEST supports and how to complete a successful application.


Crafts people that can apply for a QEST Scholarship include:

Artists, bookbinders,  fashion designers, jewellery makers,  furniture makers Stone carvers, silversmiths, shoemakers, metal workers, illustrators calligraphers, furniture making, printmaking, stained glass conservation, horticulturalists,