Professionally equipped, commercial kitchens, storage, co-working and events spaces for food professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators from across the industry. (Mission Kitchen is not a ‘dark kitchen’ and they do not support takeaway meal delivery activities from their site.)

Kitchen memberships:

  • Part-Time Shared Kitchen – Book shifts on a dedicated workstation in the fully equipped shared kitchen, only pay for the time you use.
  • Full-Time Shared Kitchen – Rent your own permanent workstation in the fully equipped shared kitchen, set up for regular production in a dedicated area with built-in storage.
  • Private Kitchen – 200 sq. ft units are pre-fitted with quality cooking equipment, refrigeration and storage.

Resident memberships:

  • Private studios – For collaborative working, within arm’s reach of development and production kitchen space. These 200 sq. ft spaces are ideal for office, workshop, storage and fulfilment uses.
  • Hot-Desk Membership – Flexible desk space for freelancers, creatives and small teams co-working in a community of food founders.