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Help is here! Master the art of Problem Solving

Every job and organisation will face challenges and, in a world where hybrid working is popular and we are not always side by side with our colleagues, it is important that individuals can confidently, creatively and competently problem solve alone or collaboratively.

Problem solving means finding solutions and ways forward for the unexpected or complicated and could involve creative, critical and analytical thinking as well as questioning and listening skills. This short course will focus on some key skills and a range of highly regarded techniques that you can utilise at home and in the workplace to turn obstacles into opportunities and problems into solutions.

Some of the topics that shall be covered are:

  • Question types
  • Listening with intent
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Idea Showers
  • De Bono’s Thinking Hats
  • GROW model
  • Mind mapping

Registration Deadline: 15th September 2022

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The course is free for those who meet all the following funding requirements :

– you have lived in the UK or EU for at least the last three years or you are a family members of a UK/EEA national and fulfil certain requirements (discussed at your assessment)

– you live in a London /Greater London Borough

– you are not in full time education

– you have not achieved this qualification before

– you are aged 19 or older on 31st August 2021

*All Ukrainian adults and their family members supported through the Ukraine Family Scheme and Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme are immediately eligible for FE 19+ funding and are exempt from the 3-year residency requirement as per the current AEB funding rules.



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