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We are all enchanted by stories and told over and over again as entrepreneurs how important storytelling is for your business and building your brand. With trends toward authenticity, there are so many ways of classifying your day to day – from side hustler to entrepreneur, to founder, CEO and director. It is easy to get lost in the title or, worse yet, to be defined by your title and not your story. In this webinar, Jaz Broughton will explore storytelling and unearth practical ways to your own story in a confident, clear and authentic way.

Jaz is a certified coach delivering experiences, workshops and services to help people grow and achieve work-life integration.

Join Lauren Malone, She’s Got This campaign lead, for an inspiring chat with a relatable female role-model in business every Friday on Lunch and Learn.

Please send any questions you’d like Jaz to answer during the webinar to holly@enterprisenation.com.

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