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Gain expert insights to rethink your business strategy during COVID-19 and achieve long-term growth.

Why should you join this webinar?

Are you looking for specialist advice on the evolution of your business strategy post-COVID-19? This free webinar is designed to help companies critically assess, adjust and improve their existing business strategy to support recovery and future growth.

Gain expert advice to help reshape and redefine how your organisation creates, captures and delivers value to your customer segments.

Your business model and strategy play a critical part in overall business success, with the potential to fast-track growth and deliver long-term sustainability. Join the London Growth Hub for this free webinar to explore the potential impacts of implementing a new strategy and find out what works best for your business.

What will you learn? 
  • Learn how to evaluate your business strategy using key building blocks
  • Find out how to reshape how you do business post-COVID-19
  • Discover tools and processes to continuously improve your model
  • Uncover strategies for introducing new products/services to existing or new markets
  • Identify and develop value propositions for various customer segments
  • Find out about the resources and support available to help
  • Address main challenges during live Q&A

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