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Covid-19 is already impacting food supply chains; shoppers and buyers are shifting online. How can we be sure that community food businesses can continue to provide good food for people? How can we best support our communities, particularly vulnerable members, while people self-isolate? And how can we make sure that all people have access to nutritious food?

Open Food Network UK are running weekly webinars, to discuss:

  • advice on how to run a food enterprise safely during the COVID-19 outbreak
  • experience of running or setting up an online food enterprise, to ask questions and offer and receive support.

This drop-in call will be an opportunity for all participants to talk about their experiences of running a food production, retail or distribution enterprise over the recent weeks. Participants can also ask questions and receive answers and support from one another.

There will also be discussion about what we can do to ensure that the changes we are seeing to our food systems result in long-term improvements in terms of local resilience.

Recordings will be available after each session here.

Join the webinar here.