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If you run a business either from home or a small space, get a free one hour 1-1 consultation with Toby Costin, directory of CREW Energy, on how you can save money on your energy bills.

  • Find out how behavioural changes can save you money.
  • Discover how new low-cost technologies can reduce your energy demand.
  • Learn what support is available to your business.

To book a session email Toby at toby@crewenergy.london

Here are a few examples of recommendations CREW Energy have made and savings made:

Bar – Saves £2,500 per year by switching fridges on to timers.

Pub – Save around £5,250 per year by installing climate controls and insulation in the cellar rooms to cut energy consumption by 15,000 kWh

Factory – Save £14,200 in year one with the installation of Solar PV.


“Really good illustration giving us a clear understanding of what is possible.” – Displayways, printing business

“It was super-useful and has got me thinking forward for sure.” – WIP, Co-working space


Toby Costin

Toby has worked in the energy industry for 18 years. He runs a company that develops sustainable energy programmes for third sector organisations. Toby feels that community energy has an important role to play in working with the third sector, to lift people out of fuel poverty and to make them more energy literate. He has been a CREW Director since 2016.