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Afraid of the impact sudden and unplanned remote work is going to have on your team, department or business? Unsure of how to keep your team on track when you’re not in the same building? You’re not alone.

Whether it’s due to self-isolation, social distancing or coronavirus in general, business leaders must get equipped to motivate, support and engage their people remotely and they must do it now.

The enforced work-from-home status of vast numbers of employees is undoubtedly a daunting prospect. The good news is there are some simple, effective and cost-efficient methods to help your team stay competitive, cohesive and innovative.

We’re all in this together and UpSkill Digital is dedicated to helping businesses not just survive but thrive in this increasingly volatile time. To this end, they are offering a free online workshop via the UpSkill Virtual Academy.

This 45-minute high-impact session will outline key approaches that will empower businesses of all sizes and sectors to manage their teams remotely.

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