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This 1-1 business advice surgery, by Wandsworth Council in association with food expert Jane Milton,  is for existing food/drink producers and brand owners who have a product they sell for people to use at home, in food manufacture or foodservice.

It is not aimed at those businesses who are not yet trading / do not already have a product on the market ( retail or foodservice)  or who runs a cafe, restaurant or take away.

  • Review your business strategy/plan, and check they are still relevant in 2021
  • Help you define your 2021 strategy and break it into  manageable steps to implement
  • Help resource you with the products , contacts and connections you need to take your plan forward
  • Discuss any issues challenges your business is currently facing

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About Jane Milton

Jane Milton has worked in the food industry for 35 years. She loves to connect with people , and gets great pleasure from connecting them to others too.  She helps food producers and brand owners  from inside and outside the UK, create strategies based on their values and passions, which are by default totally unique to them.  She inspires them to really explore all that is possible for their business and then she curates the resources they need to put those strategies into action cost effectively and efficiently to great result.