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As hospitality businesses reopen after lockdown, effective marketing and communication will be even more important than ever…

How will you make your business stand out from the crowd when everywhere is reopening and competing for business at the same time? If your offering or way of doing business has changed during lockdown, how do you communicate that to customers without alienating them?

How can you effectively leverage social media to help spread the word?

Restaurant PR & communications consultant Hugh Richard Wright is on hand to answer your questions and signpost you to helpful resources.

Book a free 30 minute session with him to discuss:

  • Communication & marketing strategies for your reopening
  • Regaining consumer confidence
  • Standing out from the competition
  • How to let your customers know that your product/service changed because of lockdown
  • Simple steps to improve (and leverage) your social media


Hugh Richard Wright is a restaurant PR and communications consultant whose clients have ranged from independent fine-dining establishments to large international chains and from Korean street food to French haute cuisine. Hugh’s business was founded on, and continues to succeed through, building close personal relationships both with the clients he represents and the press he connects them with. In addition to PR, he consults on communication strategy, social media, branding, and crisis communications.

These sessions are for Wandsworth business owners.