Creativity, problem solving and resilience underpin the creative sector, but even these traits have been put to the test in a time unlike any other…

When arts venues are closed, businesses are facing a loss of trade or paying customers, and many freelancers have fallen through the gap of Government support for businesses and workers, how can we ensure the survival and recovery of cultural practitioners and creative businesses who have been impacted most?

In light of the particularly acute challenges faced by artists and businesses across the creative sector, there is no time more crucial than now for business support. Especially backgrounded by this changed socio-economic landscape, it is key that creative enterprises have access to the skills, advice and services that they need to achieve their ambitions for growth within their communities. The mix of cultural and commercial values that are distinctive to the creative industries mean that tailored business support programmes such as our Re:Create 2021 programme in partnership with Wandsworth Council  offer artists, makers and creative businesses the opportunity to define and reach their personal and business goals with both artistic contribution and economic growth in mind.

As an artist, maker or creative business you may be confident in your creative offering, but the same might not be said for business planning skills; data monitoring and reporting; finance and operations; understanding and adapting business models; and additional sources of business and organisational support.

One-to-one business advice delivered by business advisors who have strong expertise in the creative sector and are approachable, adaptable, supportive and trusted can inspire and boost confidence as well as these particular business skills. These programmes help to develop an individual’s or organisation’s appreciation of the commercial and non-commercial value of their existing and prospective offers; and perhaps even more importantly in the unique set of circumstances we are currently presented with, business support can help pivot digitally and unlock further business opportunities.

Of the creative workers in the sector, 47% are self employed, compared with 15% across the workforce as whole.[1] Particularly now that physical workspaces and hubs aren’t accessible, working from home can be an isolating experience while creating a network is a lot more difficult. Business support programmes currently offer digital opportunities for networking with individuals or organisations working in similar situations/arenas and can be key to strengthening peer networks – not only to multiply business opportunities but also, more importantly in times like these, to offer personal support.

Knowing the powerful impact business support programmes can have, we are really excited to be running the Re:Create 2021 programme in Wandsworth to ensure that creatives and their businesses not just survive and recover from the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns, but continue to thrive with future sustainability at the driving helm of their work.

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