Capital Enterprise: Startup Resilience programme – help and support to guide you through COVID-19

April - September 2020

Unprecedented events such as the Coronavirus pandemic, with huge economic consequences, can pull the support early-stage companies rely on from under their feet. However, such events also create demand for innovation and change – the foundations of a startup mentality.

Capital Enterprise see the Coronavirus crisis as an opportunity for founders to come out the other side of this stronger and more resilient. This is why they have launched Capital Enterprise’s Startup Resilience Programme.

The programme provides support, help and hope during this difficult time. The aim is to help founders not just mitigate the damage to their business, but adapt to and even take advantage of the circumstances.

Capital Enterprise have developed a range of online events and support to help you navigate your startup through the period of uncertainty presented by COVID-19.  Over the next 6 months, as part of the programme, Capital Enterprise will be hosting twice-weekly webinars, accountability circles, and other content such as articles or Q&As on a rolling basis.

Topics include:

  • Applying for government funding
  • Managing your cashflow and finances
  • Employment law in the context of the Coronavirus shutdown
  • Wellbeing and working from home productively
  • HR processes in a remote working environment.

No matter the stage of your start-up, there’s something suitable for you.

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